Toe and Metatarsal Fractures

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What is a Fracture?

A fracture is a break in the bone. They can be divided into two categories: traumatic fractures and stress fractures

Traumatic Fracture

Signs and symptoms of a traumatic fracture include:
• You may hear a sound at the time of the break
• “Pinpoint Pain”
• Deviation
• Bruising and swelling the next day
• It is not true that “if you can walk on it, it’s not broken”.

Stress Fractures

Tiny, hairline breaks that are usually caused by repetitive stress.
Symptoms of stress fractures include:
• Pain with or after normal activity
• Pain that goes away when resting and then returns when standing or during activity
• “Pinpoint Pain”
• Swelling, but no bruising


Sprains and fractures have similar symptoms, although sometimes with a sprain, the whole area hurts rather than just one point.

Treatment of Toe Fractures

Treatment for traumatic fractures depends on the break itself and may include these options:
• Rest
• Splinting
• Rigid or stiff-soled shoe
• Buddy taping
• Surgery

Treatment of Metatarsal Fractures

Treatment of metatarsal fractures depends on the type and extend of the fracture, and may include:
• Rest
• Avoid the offending activity
• Immobilization, casting, or rigid shoe
• Surgery
• Follow-up care

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